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Dental Care

Northlake Veterinary Hospital has an ultrasonic scaler for your...

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Julia is our kennel supervisor and has been at Northlake since...

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Full Line of Prescription Diets

Northlake Veterinary Hospital carries a complete line of...

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Who are we?

Northlake Veterinary Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital offering a broad spectrum of services. Dr. Craig Guidry, Dr. Catherine Mauberret, and Dr. Christie McHughes work together with an experienced staff to provide the best care possible for your pet. Our hospital offers a full range of veterinary services and surgeries including spay and neuter procedures, orthopedics, and preventative care dentistry..

In-clinic diagnostics are a vital part of care offered at Northlake Veterinary Hospital. Our clinic has the most innovative blood chemistry and complete blood count analyzers available in veterinary medicine. Blood chemistry tests can tell our doctors what your pet cannot. Your pet’s liver and kidney function can be evaluated for underlying diseases. Complete blood counts can inform our doctors of possible anemia, cancer and are an excellent indicator of the overall health of your pet. Your pet’s blood work can be completed in less than twenty minutes giving our veterinarians the ability to make many diagnoses on the spot.


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