digitalxray1An important diagnostic skill all veterinarians need is the ability to take a quality radiograph or X-ray.

Northlake Veterinary Hospital has invested in the latest X-ray technology with our digital X-ray system.

A digital X-ray system is different from traditional methods that required the processing of films. X-ray film was limited. If there was an unclear image after development, a re-take was necessary which took valuable time. The digital X-ray utilized by Northlake Veterinary Hospital allows our knowledgeable doctors to make changes to the image itself, generally eliminating re-takes and speeding up treatment time. Also, these digital images can be emailed to veterinary radiologists if necessary, providing additional expertise for your pet.

X-rays can help locate broken bones, determine organ size in the event of disease, and offer many other diagnostic capabilities to the veterinarians at Northlake Veterinary Hospital. If your pet has an issue requiring an X-ray, call Northlake Veterinary Hospital to use our digital technology for your pet.