Pet Weight Loss: Nutritional Support for Overweight Pets

At Northlake Veterinary Hospital in Mandeville, Louisiana, we recognize the importance of providing your pet with every ability to live a happy and healthy life. Yet, it is not always easy to make that happen. A common concern our team sees has to do with a pet’s weight. Like with humans, a pet that is a healthy weight is able to move better, and there’s less risk of some forms of disease, such as heart disease and cancer. That’s why we may encourage pet weight loss for your animal.

Does Your Pet Need a Diet?

When you come in to see any of our veterinarians in Mandeville, Louisiana, we’ll provide you with information about your pet’s weight. Is your pet overweight? And, if so, how much so? When a pet is significantly overweight, we’ll discuss with you why this may be. Most commonly, it is due to:

  • A diet that is rich in carbohydrates and empty calorie foods.
  • A diet that lacks proper rounded nutrition.
  • A lack of exercise.
  • Eating too much.
  • A health condition that may be causing excessive weight gain.

As with humans, it is not always easy to get your pet to lose weight. However, our team will work with you to create a customized treatment plan to help you to keep your pet active and eating well to encourage weight loss.

Here are some ways we may encourage this:

Create a Better Diet

It all starts with food. Though difficult, dietary changes are often necessary for dogs and cats who may be overweight. Here are some common recommendations. Keep in mind, your pet may have unique needs outside of these guidelines that our vets will speak to you about at our Mandeville, Louisiana office.

  • Increase protein intake, though with the use of high-quality protein.
  • Add more fiber to the diet. This helps to keep the pet feeling full and satisfied without adding the risk of weight gain.
  • Antioxidant-rich foods are very important. They help with inflammatory conditions and encourage health at the cellular level.

A higher quality of food is always important. We’re happy to make brand recommendations to you. The goal is to ensure quality food and high nutrient levels without as many calories that could add weight on.

Getting Active Matters

It’s also important to encourage more physical activity. This helps your pet to burn stored fat and encourages a higher quality of life. We may recommend steps such as the following:

  • Get outdoors. Being outdoors encourages more play time and enhances the pet’s ability to smell and interact with the environment. This is natural motivation for a pet to get fit.
  • Go for walks. Again, putting your pet into an area where there are new and interesting scents can help to encourage more physical activity.
  • For cats and smaller animals, playtime at home helps, too. Incorporate a few new toys that get the animal excited about engaging. And, be sure you are part of it. Most animals love spending time with their owners.

This type of care along with a customized pet weight loss plan from our team of veterinarians can help your pet to lose weight and improve its quality of life. We highly recommend coming in for a physical and to create this type of plan. Our Mandeville, Louisiana veterinary hospital is always available to you: 985-626-7522. Give our team a call. Let us answer each one of your questions. We’re the team you need!

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