Signs Your Cat Ate A Toxic Plant

Signs Your Cat Ate A Toxic PlantThere are many plant species that are toxic to cats. If your cat eats one, you will want to get your cat treatment from a veterinarian quickly. However, many pet owners are not sure what species are toxic to cats and they do not follow their cat around and watch what they eat. As such, sometimes you just have to connect the dots as to what happened if your cat winds up sick. Here are a few of the signs that your cat may be displaying if they ate a toxic plant.

The Cat is Throwing Up Plant Remnants

One of the easiest signs for a pet owner to spot is a cat throwing up. When the cat throws up, you may notice plant material in the vomit. This is the cat’s natural way of getting rid of items that are causing them discomfort or are harmful to them. Throwing up one time is nothing to worry about. However, if your cat is throwing up repeatedly or you notice vomit with plant remnants with any of these other signs, you should be on high alert. If you suspect your cat may have eaten something they shouldn’t, consider placing the plant material in the throw up in a bag. A vet can look at it and determine what species it is and base treatment on that type of plant.

The Cat is Foaming at the Mouth

Your cat may be foaming at the mouth for a number of reasons. However, none of them are good or normal. If your cat has been outside for awhile and comes in and begins to foam at the mouth, there is a good chance the cat ate something that it should not have. You will want to get your cat to the vet quickly to determine what they ate and help get them hydrated again.

The Cat Has Severe Diarrhea

If the plant is beginning to work its way through your cat’s body, your cat may begin to have severe diarrhea. Just like with vomit, you may notice plant materials in the loose stool. If your cat has severe diarrhea, especially with plant material inside of it, you will want to call your vet.

The Cat Looks Paralyzed

Some of the most poisonous plants to cats will begin to slowly paralyze them. At first, it may start with their mouth and then work its way down to their paws. In some cases this is temporary; in others it is permanent. If your cat has been outside and looks like they are frozen or paralyzed when they come back in, you need to take your pet to an emergency vet hospital.

If you suspect your cat ate a toxic plant, you will want to take them in to a veterinarian as soon as you suspect this. The symptoms associated with toxicity in plants will typically become worse as the stomach continues to break down the plant. A vet can give your cat charcoal to neutralize the poison until your cat is able to pass the plant. Learning what plants are toxic to your cat and keeping them away from those plants is the best way to prevent this from happening to your cat.

To learn more about plants that are toxic to cats, or if you believe your cat ate a toxic plant please visit us at Northlake Veterinary Hospital!

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