Ticks on Your Dog: Where to Look

Most dog owners know that in the spring, summer, and fall, it’s important to check their dogs for ticks as soon as they come inside from outdoors. But what many dog owners don’t know is that simply running their hands along their dog’s back is not going to do the trick.

In fact, those nasty little ticks love to burrow in places that you might not think to check. The next time your dog comes inside from the outdoors, make sure to check the following five places so you can be sure that your dog is safe from tick bites:

1. Near the ears

Ticks love to go in and around the ears. This is partly because ticks always travel up, and the ears are the highest point on most dogs. Make sure that you don’t simply check the flap of your dog’s ears either. Look inside their ear canal and feel around inside without poking your finger in too far, which can be dangerous.

2. Near the groin

The groin area is another important place to check. Of course, it’s not too fun as it’s possible for the ticks to bite and attach in and around your pet’s bottom or “perianal area.” Ticks like these areas because they are dark and moist. As you check your dog’s bottom, check all the way up the tail as well.

3. Between and around the toes

You should always look between the toes of your dog’s feet as well. Simply separates each pair of toes and feel between them for any bumps that could be ticks.

4. Near the eyelids

Because dogs can get skin tags around their eyes and eyelids, many owners mistake ticks for these skin tags. Always do a double check in this area to make sure that ticks haven’t latched on there.

5. On the neck and beneath the collar

Finally, do a thorough check around your dog’s neck and beneath the collar. This is another common place for these pests to burrow. As a rule, always take your dog’s collar completely off to do your check after they come inside. Having your dog wear a tick collar can also help reduce the likelihood of them burrowing in this area.

The Best Way to Protect Your Dog

There are numerous ways to protect your dog from ticks, including tick baths, collars, and more. One product that vets often turn to is called Bravecto.

Bravecto is actually a chew that dogs eat. It’s a safe, fast, and effective protectant against both ticks and fleas. Unlike other products, it lasts a long time — up to 12 weeks.

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